AHO Speaks

Rookie (12-19-52 / Boston Ma.)

AHO Speaks Poems

121. Party Time 10/25/2005
122. Creator 10/26/2005
123. Repetitive 10/26/2005
124. Cry Not For The Dead 10/26/2005
125. The Laws 10/26/2005
126. The Waves 10/26/2005
127. Troubled Times 10/26/2005
128. Dissertation 10/26/2005
129. Silent Gender 10/26/2005
130. The Giver 10/26/2005
131. A Child 10/28/2005
132. The Way It Was 10/28/2005
133. This And That 10/28/2005
134. Mothers 10/28/2005
135. Psalter 10/28/2005
136. Perfect Judgment 10/28/2005
137. My Saintly Mother 10/28/2005
138. Computer Mind 11/1/2005
139. Poetry Of Change 11/1/2005
140. The Land Of Yet 11/2/2005
141. Self Abuse 11/3/2005
142. Lesson Four 11/3/2005
143. Process One 11/3/2005
144. God Defined 11/4/2005
145. A Beginning 11/5/2005
146. Spiritual 11/5/2005
147. Journey's End 11/5/2005
148. Bye The Sea 11/5/2005
149. Answers 11/5/2005
150. Process Of Living 11/5/2005
151. This Moment 11/6/2005
152. A Primer 11/6/2005
153. The Chalice 11/6/2005
154. A Relationship 11/6/2005
155. Roots 11/6/2005
156. Food For Thought 11/7/2005
157. Human Sacrifice 11/10/2005
158. The Image 12/26/2005
159. License 12/26/2005
160. Influence 12/26/2005

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  • Judy Hurley (11/7/2008 4:22:00 PM)

    AHO/Another Hurley Original/Charles A. Hurley is my late husband and passed away on August 24,2008 in Charles County, Maryland. He was born December 19,1931 in Boston, Mass. I have just recently started reading his poetry on this site and did not realize he had so much talent. He wrote constantly and without stress or strain. He was very concerned for all people and especially children, mothers and women. Until the end he was very creative and courageous. He could bring alive the web of a small spider and the faintest color in the sunset. love, your baby

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Best Poem of AHO Speaks

My God Is

My God is as the gentle spring rain
My God presents itself again and again.

My God gives us both day and night
My God of vision even without sight.

My God the giver of our eternal sun
My God of multiplicity and also one.

My God of sky, land and water
My God for the creation of each son and daughter.

My God of self and also others
My God of family with sisters and brothers.

My God for this journey I serve
My God for life I do not deserve.

My God for those I loved and those I touched
My God as for you; I loved them very ...

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The Dome

The Dome

The holiest gift that mankind will ever receive
Man has never acknowledged nor does he believe.

The carrier and deliverer of each daughter and son
From the creator of all life; a Mother; for every single one.

The nurturer, caretaker and protector her role

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