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To The Young Women Walking The Path Of Feminism

We begin by speaking directly
to the deaths and disappointments.
Here we begin to fill in the spaces
of silence between us. For it is between
these seemingly irreconcilable lines -
the class lines, the politically correct lines,
the daily lines we run down to each other
to keep difference and desire at a distance
- that the truth of our connection lies.

- from The Bridge Called My Back

we begin to love each other
when we begin to make the connection between your empowerment and my disempowerment, we are sisters when we recognize and touch ...

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Collateral Damage

I was the collateral damage
To your moving on.

Your leaving was a bomb
Dropped stealthily in the deep of the night
And I stood there, mouth wide open
Eyes blinded by tears and dust.

You had disposed of me