Aidan Clevinger

Aidan Clevinger Poems

41. By The Waters Of Venice 7/15/2009
42. Rock 7/15/2009
43. Laodicea 8/4/2009
44. What More Do I Need? 8/4/2009
45. Cecilia 8/4/2009
46. In My Savior's Eyes 8/6/2009
47. Dachau 8/10/2009
48. Power, Grace, And Love Divine 8/10/2009
49. Friendship's Inheritence 8/23/2009
50. When Great Men Cried 8/23/2009
51. Tempting Is The Devil's Fruit 8/29/2009
52. Daydream 6/15/2009
53. Reinforcements 6/15/2009
54. Psalm 151 6/15/2009
55. Poem For A Friend 6/15/2009
56. For The God Of Israel We Sing 8/29/2009
57. The World 9/16/2009
58. Neutrality 9/16/2009
59. Forgiveness 9/16/2009
60. Untitled Hymn #2 10/22/2009
61. Dreaming Of You 6/15/2009
62. Untitled Hymn #1 10/22/2009
63. Baby Sister 6/15/2009
64. Bearing My Cross 8/29/2009
65. Why Am I Happy? 6/17/2009
66. Though All Around The Devil Prowls 6/15/2009
67. Benchwarmer (Getting Benched Again) 7/15/2009

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Benchwarmer (Getting Benched Again)

My nose is bloody, my knuckles, too,
And my jersey's covered in mud.
I don't know who I thought I was kidding,
Trying to be some romantic stud.

Curse these stinking pads,
Get this helmet off my head.
My back feels like I'm eighty years old,
My feet feel made of lead.

She popped the ball out from my arms,
I never had a chance.
Sprawled on the ground I watched her run;
Chalk six up for Failed Romance.

I'm sick of playing this stupid game,
At least while she's still playing it.
This had to happen sooner or later,
There's no point in...

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See The Light

I understand the importance of theological discussions, but I'm saddened by the hatred that so often goes into them.

These wars of ideology,
Shall be our untimely death.
How many vicious accusations!
How many wasted breaths!

They really are quite pointless,
No one changes their mind.

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