Aidan Horse

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Any (constructive) criticisms are greatly appreciated.
Lucrece is the greatest thing ever written (Shakespeare) so to any salacious language I say
'Think but how vile a spectacle it were,
to view thy present trespass in another.
Men's faults do seldom to themselves appear;
Their own transgressions partially they smother:
This guilt would seem death worthy in thy brother.
O, how are they wrapt in with infamies
That from their own misdeeds askance their eyes! ' Hell! Crap! Boobs! Updates

The Breath Of Dawn

The dark blue sky, stretches, into the soft
Violet clouds, that dwarf the dark hills
Floating upon the yawning sea of morning.
The fish are bouncing along the silver streaked surfaces
With ripples gliding their way out, to, meet
The rays racing from the roaring sun
Beyond the long lush meadow that acres the uptaken mountain,
Before the glistening grass awakens the sleeping ladybird
The raindropped rose bows down to start the startled gun

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