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Look at my face
Look at mine
Angel look at mine

Dance with me
Beauty angel
Dance with me
In the sky...

{The voice of the sun
The voice of mine}

I am available for now


go and look at the mirror
look to your face
look at your spirit
you look at your eyes

Emotionally stands for flower or a chance
Shred the magic and eye on the door
He is not coming, she is not a bold
Pealing the papers, puzzling at mind

a killer to killed by a gun
when he counting a body of one his murder
a killer with a gun
behind our killer under sun

Life… Begin of grief
Sometime, I cry and walk by grief
Carry signs of die
Always I try

a silence that cramped between the wall
I shouting the madness
a harmless soul passed by the door
and the death

hello! Mother! Father!
listen to me
I am a harlequin
In a circus

voice....voice of night
in the dark forest
walk by the fear
shadow of trees

we must to set out to rowte
when life start
we walking on the fate's ribbon
we must give time in our hold

echo of my silent cry
in the chambers of the lie

I cry for my trust

Make up your eyes
Hiding back of creams
Put on mask on your face
Deceiving people like mine


to come to my rescue
to welter to blood
the blood to welter in the gold
gold of peace


sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep
and don't wake, again
keep your tears in your eyes
sleep with your fear and don't awake, again

My heart died
He put her head on the earth
She closed her eyes
She died

we are two friend
I charm you
I rape you
I leave you

hold on to love, that 's what I never do
dried my eyes
I am ever cruel
you said to me

The Best Poem Of Aidin Azarkerdar

The Winds Blow For You

Look at my face
Look at mine
Angel look at mine
My heart is for you
You know it’s true
Angel to see my love
I see you in my skies, an angel
You flying with your wings in the winds of the love
I insufflate to the skies for deluge winds for your fly in the sky
You can fly in the skies without fear
I’m be with you, my angel
the winds below for you

in order that you be happy my angel
I hope you find your love
or me or your hidden lover
my winds below for you
my angel

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