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Aileen Figueroa Poems

1. I Saw A Light 8/12/2015
2. Dance With Me 8/13/2015
3. My Buddy 8/24/2015
4. I Want To Live Through The Storm 8/26/2015
5. Princess Suri 8/30/2015
6. Complicated Ways 9/1/2015
7. The Cycle Of Life 9/14/2015
8. Pesky Red Glasses 10/5/2015
9. The Fabric Of Life 10/10/2015
10. It's A Dark Gray Morning 10/18/2015
11. Walking Umbrellas 10/22/2015
12. As I Unveil 10/28/2015
13. Tell Me What You See? 11/5/2015
14. I Remember Him 12/20/2015
15. Friend 12/28/2015
16. The Flesh In The Photo 1/21/2016
17. Rock 1/31/2016
18. You Silly Snow 2/13/2016
19. I Hate Valentine Day 2/14/2016
20. Let Go! ! ! 2/16/2016
21. I Am, That I Am 7/5/2016
22. The Dark Fog 5/20/2017

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Dance With Me

Come and dance with me…
I want to dance all over the world
I want to sneak out the back door
and meet up with you.

Persuade you to follow me out into the universe.
We could make it our ballroom.
We could do the tango, en elegant waltz.
We could secretly slide over from star to star.

Engage in an everlasting ballet.
Enjoy the sight of each other eyes.
Holding each other tight.
Wishing and hoping
for an eternal night.

This Poem was Born: 4/21/14

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Princess Suri

Princess Suri has a fish bowl
With a fish that lives in side
And every day she walks her fish bowl
Every day outside
hmm, hmm, hmm… hmm, hmm, hmm

Princess Suri has a fish bowl
With a fish that lives inside
Every day she sits her fish bowl

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