Aimanu Begum

Aimanu Begum Poems

1. Freedom 11/1/2012
2. Inner Peace 12/3/2012
3. The Freedom Of Choice 12/6/2012
4. Missing You 12/23/2012
5. Another Dull Couple 1/13/2013
6. You Tried To Sing To Me 1/22/2013
7. Longing 3/25/2013
8. Reckoning 3/27/2013
9. A Memoir Of This Year 12/28/2012
10. Sweetheart I Yearn For Your Voice 12/28/2012
11. The Drought 6/23/2013
12. A Game Of Words 9/11/2013
13. A Fleeting Pleasure 9/22/2013
14. Empty Dream 10/21/2013
15. A River Is A Woman 10/31/2013
16. How Do You Define Happiness? 11/1/2013
17. A Realization 9/26/2017
18. Lost Love 9/27/2017
19. Do Not Hold Me Fast 8/19/2013
20. Death Of A Butterfly 8/28/2013
21. Waiting For You 11/1/2012
22. I Am Hamlet No More 12/31/2012
23. Forever Yours 4/3/2013
24. My Mother 12/12/2012
25. Give Me Sunshine 11/3/2012
26. The Sea Within 12/5/2012
27. Friendship, The Name Of A Tree 10/3/2013
28. A Walk In The Rain 10/8/2013
29. Marriage: Not A Licence 12/26/2012
30. I Am No Caged Bird 6/25/2013
31. The Scent Of A Woman 6/6/2013

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Best Poem of Aimanu Begum

The Scent Of A Woman

They find me beautiful
Some send their furtive glances
On my way like a coy mistress
Others confront me in the eyes.
With sauciness survey my body hurriedly
I pass by haughtily aware of them
Men they throng at my door
Come creeping crawling by night
Married men young bachelors
Their guilty eyes blinded by the sun
Softly knock at my door
Knowing I am alone in my room
No more afraid I laugh aloud
They scurry away quailed
On the street I meet them
Squinting eyes greedy
Their quick glance expectant
Drawn by my smile
May be the look in my ...

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The Sea Within

My world
static now.
I am dead to everything
except the sound of the sea
that is within me.
No more calm
but raging with a storm,
the angry waves lashing
against the high cliffs.

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