Airda Jones

Rookie (Sept.17,1988 / US)

Biography of Airda Jones

I'm just a girl that whenever she feels sad and alone, happy beyond all reason with the world and life itself, boiling mad with frustration and anger, or just when words get the best of me, I write it all out. Thanks to someone special I know who introduced me into the wonder of poetry, I now have notebooks full of all my writings. But when I'm not in the mood to write, I usually have a book in my hand (mostly romance novels or a good historical text: -) or I'm spending time with my family watching a movie or playing a game. My sister is my best friend and we are always around each other to go shopping and any other adventure we can get ourselves into. We fight just like other siblings but we still are the greatest of friends. I have someone who is very special to me and is actually my original inspiration for most of my ideas in my poetry. Life is simple for me and when it gets too complicated, I write...

Airda Jones's Works:

I actually don't have any published books at the moment and really I don't think I ever tend to create a collection of my poetry but I have been in the process of writing my own couple of books. Of course that has been for the past 5 years so they may never get completed: -) Updates

Words Are Never Enough

I always had my arms out
Wondering just when
You would give up and give in
And just fall into them

But it seems like
That was just not enough
To get you to show me
Just a little bit of love

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