Airohng Liebe

Rookie (1993 / Dresden, Germany)

Biography of Airohng Liebe

Airohng Liebe poet

Airohng Liebe is my [Kaela Fritts] pseudonym. Airohng is pronounced 'Aaron.' Liebe is German for 'Love.' This name is a creation of my own, pieced together with borrowed bits and pieces. I fell in love with it as soon as I stumbled upon it when I was randomly scribbling, trying to come up with something suitable to write. I was truly born in Kansas, USA, but I decided that I needed somewhere 'closer to home' for my pseudonym, so Dresden, Germany it is. I hope you enjoy my works. Updates

Road Less Traveled

I take the road less traveled;
Less trodden, so to say-
This road that is less traveled by
Is something of great decay.
It's unkempt, dirty, a dreadful mess,
But does it scare me? No-
I see beauty in the tangled tresses
Of the weeping willow-Oh! How I love it so.
I take pleasure from the dark, dead leaves

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