Aisha Jones

Rookie (August 6,1977 / Washington, DC)

Biography of Aisha Jones

I was born in Dc by Diane L Jenkins and Andrew Jones Jr. I am the oldest of my mother 4 children, and I am the youngest of my dad's 13 children, I was raised in Washington, DC and I am proud to say I am glad to be a washingtonian. I graduated from H.D. Woodson Senior High School in 1994, and I had a son 5 months after, and I raised him as a single parent, I also have 7 other children whom I love dearly my oldest is Alondo (14) , Ronesha(13) , Imani(11) , Kenisha(9) , Lisa(7) , De'Angelo(5) , Chanell(3) , and Cortez(1) . Might I say they all are very bright and intellegent children whom I take care of 365 days a year 24hours a day and 7 days a week. I recieved my diploma for Administrative Assistant in July 2009, and now I am attending The University Of Phoenix for my Associates Degree in Criminal Justice, I am doing this while trying to find a job, and voulunteering at my childrens elementary school also. I am a busy person all day and I am soon to married too this wonderful man Carnell Peeples, who help me through my trials and tribulations. We take life one day at a time, and are keeping our children on a focused journey through life. We have family night every Friday so our kids never lose focus of what family means to them/us. Updates

My Love

My Love is you Carnell D peeples
You helped me when I was week and speechless
I can always count on you in life
Regardless the situation I am your wife

When we argue, that's just little talk
But when I need you most, you have my heart
People may say bad things about us
But one thing I know for sure, I have your trust

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