Aisha Sherazi

Rookie (London, UK)

Biography of Aisha Sherazi

I write editorials these days, hence the lack of new poems here. Please feel free to check out my blog at:

http: //

and comment! Its purpose is free and healthy dialogue.

As for my poems...

Read these words,
If you have an open mind,
Scroll through the pages,
If you are not unkind.

My thoughts and feelings,
Are here for sharing,
But only if you,
Are kind and caring.

Read my poems,
And you will learn more,
About who I am,
And what I was before.

About all my dreams,
About all my fears,
So only read,
If you're prepared,
Not to laugh or jeer.

The following are my current favourites and a good place to start reading....but of course, the choice is yours :)

Boy's Games
Butterfly, The Creature of Change and Survival
Painting Pictures
The Stages Of Love And Hate
The Wall Around My Heart
Waking Up
Your Voice Updates


Communication Breakdown,
What’s happening today?
We don’t say what we mean,
And we don’t mean what we say.

We trundle along in life,
Not speaking when we should,
We wait until it’s too late,
And then say nothing good.

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