Aiyanna Ortiz

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Aiyanna Ortiz Poems

41. Can'T Save Us Now 3/27/2009
42. Posion Blood 3/27/2009
43. Remember The Forgotin 5/22/2009
44. I Walk With You Once Again.... 5/22/2009
45. Im Sorry 5/22/2009
46. Veil Of Love 5/22/2009
47. Forever And Always 5/22/2009
48. Cheater 5/27/2009
49. I Walk Alone 5/27/2009
50. Philisophy 5/27/2009
51. No Time For Tears 5/27/2009
52. Money Make A Good Revenge 5/27/2009
53. Peace Out 5/27/2009
54. Never 5/27/2009
55. Brothers 5/27/2009
56. You Are My Destiny 5/27/2009
57. Inside Your Head 6/1/2009
58. Without Rains Their Are No Rainbows 6/4/2009
59. My Music Box 6/4/2009
60. Come Into My World 6/11/2009
61. Can You? 6/12/2009
62. Key To My Mind 6/12/2009
63. Whatever 6/12/2009
64. Peace 6/12/2009
65. Tells Of My Father 6/12/2009
66. I Think I Love 5/22/2009
67. I Think Im Ready 5/22/2009
68. Roses 5/22/2009
69. Sand In The Eye 'Choker Bali' 5/23/2009
70. Raining All The Time 5/23/2009
71. Normal 5/23/2009
72. Troubel Again 5/22/2009
73. Breath 6/12/2009
74. Sweet As Honey 6/12/2009
75. Ring That Bell 6/18/2009
76. Game On 6/18/2009
77. A Baby's Laugh 6/19/2009
78. Crazy? 6/19/2009
79. Princess 6/26/2009
80. Flowers 6/26/2009

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Best Poem of Aiyanna Ortiz

As I Dance

As i dance the world in nothing but
a burr of color
when i dance i'm in total bliss
while i dance my mind only thinks of you
when we dance i feel the warmth feel my heart
butterflies dance in my stomach as we dance
twirl around and round but when
we stop the feeling don't
as i look at your face everyday
i see the world as a blur of color
and you are my bliss
i want to dance with you the rest
of my life

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Path To My Soul

The path to my soul is not threw my stomach
if you look closely into my eyes you still wouldn't know anything about me
the start is to read my thoughts and the way i think
evil dwells inside of me grim views of the world
just sit inside my mind waiting to come out
while your running your mouth on the phone I've all ready thought
of ten ways to kill you and not be traced
grim view of life is what makes me emotionless
you may think it will hurt my feelings about something

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