Ajay Seshadri

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Biography of Ajay Seshadri

Ajay Seshadri is a poet and creative writer who has authored two books of poetry, ‘In Search of Lost Innocence and Truth Within’ and ‘Existential Relief’. He started writing poetry at the age of 16 although his first two poems he ever wrote were an attempt at writing songs without tunes. The first one was a four line random musing and the one that followed was a poem called Tunnel and the darkness in them lighted up his spirit of self-exploration. It was this paradoxical beginning which made him shun a rather straight jacketed way of approaching life prior to his discovery of poetry writing. Certainty became muddled and he would have to paint his path towards clarity which he regards as a reasonable substitute.

Ajay Seshadri's Works:

Existential Relief
Existential Relief is a book of poetry authored by Ajay Seshadri. The philosophy of Existentialism gave the poet inspiration to write poetry addressing certain ontological conflicts experienced by individual consciousness. It has a preface by the author that explains in detail the background behind the conception and the philosophers who spurred in the poet the urge to creatively express what logic can only measure. It claims that an experience is free to be interpreted but the experience itself cannot be denied as it is a subjective reality. The reader will find poems also on nature apart from philosophy. As the human mind is projected on to other living beings through a personal reality even if the living beings as existents are outside, the emotions of love, disappointment, pain, joy and oppression are as real to these beings as it is to the individual and thereby the project of transcendence is transcended.

Existential Relief is neither negative nor positive but a neutral experience that arises out of the separation of conflict from resolution. The ability to resolve the conflict does not exist because what is real is this conflict. The moment conflict is resolved there is no resolution and the whole pursuit is then rendered a fallacy. In such a pursuit conflict is directed towards an imaginary resolution and as a result conflict gets falsely aggravated. When one faces emptiness he is in direct conflict with reality and the only way one addresses this conflict is through expression.

Most of the poems are in free verse but do rhyme and there are some Haiku poems as well. They deal with the fallacy of cosmic play, reflections of the human mind in the field of consciousness of nature, birds, nights and rivers and the meaning of what can give existential relief which is nothing but a subjective choice as transcendence transcended. The book enjoyed favourable reviews in the Hindu Metroplus and the Indian Express supplement. It has been reviewed in depth by Ms.Patricia Prime, a renowned poet who has appreciated the poems and has brought out their flavour in a way that makes delightful reading. It has a foreword by Dr.Mohammed Fakhruddin the editor of Poets International, a journal on short verse. The second edition of the experience of Existential Relief is now available.

In Search of Lost Innocence and Truth Within
Ajay began writing poetry in tune with Nature and ‘inner experience’. He compiled his first collection of poems and published it as ‘In Search of Lost Innocence and Truth Within’. His first ever collection represents budding expressions of a poet seeking permanence in Nature, Philosophy, Love and Meaning of life. Whether he found it or not he wrote enough poems to constitute a book.

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Verse By The Graveyard

Past the graveyard down the road,
Lives or dies a man out cold
Every minute is a burning desire
For him to feel there's nothing higher.
Hope he knows is also despair,
The lie of the land begins to stare
Every minute is a burning desire
For him to feel there is nothing higher.
Will any hand rise from the many dead?

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