Ajiive Jay

Ajiive Jay Poems

1. The Conspiracy 1/20/2012
2. The Departure Terminal 1/20/2012
3. Unknown Friend 1/20/2012
4. The Strange Monk 1/20/2012
5. The Boat-Man 1/20/2012
6. Traveler’s Diary 1/20/2012
7. The Last Job 1/20/2012
8. Rainy Days 1/20/2012
9. Good Friday 1/20/2012
10. Paradise 1/20/2012
11. Voice 1/22/2012
12. Barbie Doll 1/25/2012
13. Valentine 2/14/2012
14. Birth Day 2/18/2012
15. The Freedom Story 2/18/2012
16. Less Lived 2/19/2012
17. Mysticism 4/6/2012
18. Wandering Monk 4/6/2012
19. Healing Your Loneliness 9/27/2012
20. Eye Donor 2/18/2012
21. Masochist 2/14/2012
22. The Act Of Faith 1/20/2012
23. Market Economy 2/18/2012
Best Poem of Ajiive Jay

Market Economy

The great wheat field,
No ‘loner wheat',
All on close to other's shoulder,
They are, together sown and reaped!
Yet a few ‘loner wheat',
Left of sickle's edge,
Left of pride and profit,
Yet reaper names it ‘charity'! !
Export and import it,
And create an economy
Of demand ridden supply! And-
Keep ploughing and plundering
Land of landless-
That the
Lads look for-
Left over ‘loner wheat'! !
Ever, in this battlefield.

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The Departure Terminal

At the departure terminal,
As on an Indian street,
With merchants of spice,
Am an excited kid-
With wings of my bird,
Juggled in raw wind.
The wait is over,
Now you tell me to get-
My wings back-
And chain them to-
The departure terminal,
For a home coming.

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