Ajit Das

Ajit Das Poems

161. Horizon 11/14/2015
Best Poem of Ajit Das


When the sky is azure blue,
the horizon draws a line
between heaven and earth.

On a misty day it gets blurred,
closing the distance, limiting
your vision: seen and unseen.

When clouds gather, erasing
the skyline, darkness descends,
enveloping the surroundings.

And, then, clouds disappear,
the dark lifts, mist clears,
the view is sunlit, unimpeded.

The curve of earth beckons.
You try to outstrip; it recedes,
alluring yet with new horizons.

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Tiny Body, Global Outcry

‘Daddy, please don’t let go of me’
gasped the toddler, Aylan,
clutching at his father’s fingers,

while being carried on board
in a tiny dinghy along with the family
in search of new haven across the sea.

They were escaping from war and terror –

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