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1. Truth Is War 12/11/2007
2. Love 12/11/2007
3. Prophecy 12/12/2007
4. Confusion 2/26/2008
5. Look At Me 2/27/2008
6. Moving With It 3/5/2008
7. Out 3/5/2008
8. Mundane 3/6/2008
9. What Is It 3/17/2008
10. My True Love 11/6/2008
11. What Is Life 12/26/2008
12. Feelings Of What 1/14/2009
13. Life Of Kids 1/25/2009
14. As Is 2/12/2009
15. Life As It Is 2/14/2009
16. Mercy 2/18/2009
17. Lost Confused 11/25/2007
18. Who Am I 11/25/2007
19. Black Light 11/25/2007
20. Clickin And Clocking 11/28/2007
21. Sentimental Moments 11/30/2007
22. Wondering Why 12/7/2007
23. Born And Raised 2/18/2009
24. True Love 2/18/2009
25. Moments And Movements 2/18/2009
26. Point Of No Return 2/25/2009
27. Roller Coaster Of Life 3/15/2009
28. Beauty 3/16/2009
29. Moments Of Wonderment 3/18/2009
30. Sunny Days 3/18/2009
31. Ever Wondered 3/24/2009
32. Healing 11/30/2007
33. Knock Knock 12/4/2007
34. Credit Crunch 2/18/2009
35. What Is Love 12/7/2007
36. Miscarriage 11/26/2007
Best Poem of AJJ AJJ


why does life begin and end at a point and never
seeming to be endless pain, why is my time split
from wondering how i could have been and to what
i am now. i was once growing fast and good like
any ordinary child yet i was still in mums tummy
when i saw the light and i realised i was leaving,
going for good. i see the tunnel light and its coming
i ask mum where am i going and eww whats this
sticky red stuff coming out me and you, why am i
leaving my warm comfortable house as i m not
ready to leave.

i hear you crying and screaming mum why are ...

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Black Light

life is at times bleak the black that covers
us to a beyond dreams.
at times we seek and gain the black wool
of the sheep as the light of today looms far
from our minds so we sucome to our own
illusions like the quick flick of a mirror and we
look down upon the reflection of an equilibrium.
A state that we become calculating the slow
drops of the hour glass falling to the pits.

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