Akachukwu Lekwauwa

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Akachukwu Lekwauwa Poems

1. The Shepherd's Prize Lamb 5/13/2015
2. Mind X-Ray: An Acrostic To Adaobi Ojiakor 5/13/2015
3. Beyond Imagination 5/13/2015
4. Like Mount Zion 6/5/2015
5. It's A Miracle 6/21/2015
6. Where Can We Found Love? 6/24/2015
7. Endless Love 7/11/2015
8. A November To Remember 7/12/2015
9. Workgasm On The Bench 9/26/2015
10. On This Day 11/28/2015
11. Everyday Is Valentine's 2/13/2016
12. All The World's An Amphitheater 3/2/2016
13. Darling Rose: A Comparison 3/12/2016
14. We Want Ours Girls Back As Girls 8/15/2016
15. The Corpse Of A Giant 9/5/2016
16. Darkness Around The Candlestand 9/30/2016
17. The Futility Of Man 11/9/2016
18. In Shades 12/3/2016
19. 21st Century Model 12/16/2016
20. My Fondest Memory 6/20/2016
21. Go Forward 1/6/2017
22. One Moon, One Love 2/12/2016
23. Sweetest Of All 5/5/2016
24. If Your Smile Catches Upon My Face 3/15/2016
25. Mama Africa 12/4/2015
26. The Allure Of Beauty 5/11/2015
27. I'M A Poemivorous Mammal 8/3/2015
28. Deer Hunter 5/19/2015
29. This Is Me 1/9/2016
30. I Love To Hear You Cry 5/11/2015
31. A Rotten Girl 5/11/2015
32. Celebrate My Mum: A Sonnet 5/11/2015
33. Sufficiency Of Grace 5/19/2015
34. Vultures In My Neighbourhood 5/29/2015
35. The Marvelous 4th 7/4/2016
36. Ultimate Value 5/14/2015
37. A Poet's Words 3/22/2016
38. All For You 5/11/2015
39. Isthmus Of Pain And Joy 5/5/2015
40. My Barren Mind 5/29/2015

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Best Poem of Akachukwu Lekwauwa

The Empress Of My Heart

If I wait by the well of water,
Then I could stand till the end of time.
For we are passed the age
When maidens go out at evening time to draw water,
But I am persuaded by the new millennium,
Rendezvous at big-trendy-crunchy places
With the loft of Kilimanjaro.

Surely, she abhors her man riding on a camel
He is wanted inside the cushion of modern exotics
Her high and pitcherless shoulder
Nothing to lay down to quench my thirsty soul
Yet, her name is Rebecca.
Obscurely I might empty my treasure into her bare hands.

Once a nervous man,

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Isthmus Of Pain And Joy

Bitter cold on one side,
The joy on the other kept blood
From freezing in our veins.

Darkness on one side,
Light flickered warmly on the other.

Tears covered one face,
The other went forward with laughter.

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