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Hi my name is akingbehin daniel murphy.
I'm 18 years of age since i really
Any poems, but now i've got the
Again. Most of my poems are
going to
Be about true subjects. There's
To be a mixture of other poems
But i think a true story wins
every time.
So please check my poems and
tell me
What you think. And i promise i
will get better.
Best wishes.
. Don't know really. I see
it as something fun and it brings
out as my english teacher used
to say 'your creative side' didn't
really knew i had one until she
said those words... really. I know
my poems aren't as good as old
Shakes (May he rest in peace,
amen) I don't expect them to be.
Old shakes is my inspiration
since i knew how to say his
name. I love his poems and i
really recommend Hamlet, i love
that play, it's really good. If
there's someone who actually is
reading this thing i hope you
haven't noticed that i love to say
really... really. Love that word!
Sounds great and... I know i'm
answering a very important
question while writing this. Yes i
am weird and for your
information, yes i am indeed
crazy. No not crazy, completely
out of my mind, insane, mad,
Loco! Hehe; D My friends refer me
as a 'mad genius'. But sadly
enough i'm trying to keep the
'mad' part out of this site, don't
want anyone to sue me... really.
In a normal situation i use to
curse a lot instead for using
brutal force. So as you see, NOT
A SINGEL CURSE! I'm actually
behaving now! Miracle! Haleluja.
Haleluja. Haleluja!

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