Akinwunmi Elijah

Biography of Akinwunmi Elijah

My name is Elijah. I am someone who is very passionate about poems. Though a science student, I wrote my first poem about three years ago when I was captivated by the lustrous smile of a dark-complexioned girl. Poetry helped me to immortalise that smile and the feeling aroused by it, and that's just one of the main things poetry has always been to me.

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The Beatnik

Early, her juvenile innocence danced
On the path of guilt,
Spurred on by the melodious sounds
Of an unseen flute
Playing from the deeps of her heart,
Soundlessly urging her onward.
And with great fervour, she danced, relentless,
Her steps rejoicing in youthfulness,
To the destruction once foretold,

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