Akshay Basavaraj

Akshay Basavaraj Poems

1. Who I Am! ! 8/2/2007
2. I Love You 8/2/2007
3. How I Became A Kopite 8/2/2007
4. The Good Times 2/6/2008
5. The Truth 2/12/2008
6. My Sweet Angel 2/14/2008
7. My True Love 2/18/2008
8. A Simple Wish 2/23/2008
9. Friend Or Foe 2/29/2008
10. A Promise To You My Love 2/29/2008
11. What You Mean To Me 3/2/2008
12. I Walk Alone 3/21/2008
13. You Will Be Mine 3/21/2008
14. My Just Rewards 3/21/2008
15. Its Still There 3/30/2008
16. Lost At An Ocean Of Thoughts 4/8/2008
17. The Value Of A Friend 4/19/2008
18. The Strange Quest In Life 5/15/2008
19. I'M Sorry My Friend 5/15/2008
20. Friends Forever Again 5/15/2008
21. With You Its Like Heaven 6/13/2008
22. What I Love About You 6/13/2008
23. I Killed Thy Saviour 9/21/2008
24. The Sin Of Love 9/22/2008
25. How Do I Love You 1/30/2009
26. How It Is 1/18/2010
27. Days Without You 1/18/2010
28. Feelings Of A Lonely Man 2/14/2016
29. In Faith 2/14/2016
30. Missing You 2/14/2016
31. Those Last Words 2/14/2016
32. And I Wandered Into A Dream 2/14/2016
33. Fall 2/14/2016
34. Lost Love 8/16/2016

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Best Poem of Akshay Basavaraj

I Love You

I love you even if we are far apart
You have struck a deep impression upon my heart
I love you for who you are and I support you for who you wannabe
No matter where you are I just want you to be happy
I don care if I'm cold and lonely
Anywhere in this world I feel homely
I'll never tell you what I've been through
I'll see to that it will never happen to you
You see thats love and I love you

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The Truth

Maybe there is nothing in life worth to me
Except my dreams, ambitions and what ever I aspire to be
There has been no one for to care
I'm crazy enough to do things which no one would dare
And now I look upto you and your nowhere to be found
I don't see you in my dreams or anywhere around
Where are you right now as I wonder where?
Why do people leave me here alone without any care?
There is no one in my life I guess is meant to be

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