Akshay Basavaraj

Akshay Basavaraj Poems

1. A Promise To You My Love 2/29/2008
2. What You Mean To Me 3/2/2008
3. I Walk Alone 3/21/2008
4. You Will Be Mine 3/21/2008
5. My Just Rewards 3/21/2008
6. Its Still There 3/30/2008
7. Lost At An Ocean Of Thoughts 4/8/2008
8. The Value Of A Friend 4/19/2008
9. The Strange Quest In Life 5/15/2008
10. I'M Sorry My Friend 5/15/2008
11. Friends Forever Again 5/15/2008
12. With You Its Like Heaven 6/13/2008
13. What I Love About You 6/13/2008
14. I Killed Thy Saviour 9/21/2008
15. The Sin Of Love 9/22/2008
16. How Do I Love You 1/30/2009
17. How It Is 1/18/2010
18. Days Without You 1/18/2010
19. Feelings Of A Lonely Man 2/14/2016
20. In Faith 2/14/2016
21. Missing You 2/14/2016
22. Those Last Words 2/14/2016
23. And I Wandered Into A Dream 2/14/2016
24. Fall 2/14/2016
25. Who I Am! ! 8/2/2007
26. How I Became A Kopite 8/2/2007
27. My Sweet Angel 2/14/2008
28. My True Love 2/18/2008
29. A Simple Wish 2/23/2008
30. Friend Or Foe 2/29/2008
31. The Good Times 2/6/2008
32. The Truth 2/12/2008
33. I Love You 8/2/2007
34. Lost Love 8/16/2016
Best Poem of Akshay Basavaraj

I Love You

I love you even if we are far apart
You have struck a deep impression upon my heart
I love you for who you are and I support you for who you wannabe
No matter where you are I just want you to be happy
I don care if I'm cold and lonely
Anywhere in this world I feel homely
I'll never tell you what I've been through
I'll see to that it will never happen to you
You see thats love and I love you

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The Good Times

The sweet times and the joy that we shared
I still wonder when no one did why did you care
I loved every moment of it filled with love
Did you ascend down just for me from the heaven above?
The moments were too good with love and bliss
I guess I couldn't ask anything more than this
You changed the cold nature of mine and made me humane
Thanks for caring about me when my nature's insane
Thanks for cheering me up and easing my pain

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