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I've written these poems at different times. I wrote the first 'The Station' at 13. It was a homework assignment, for drama i think, depicting a metaphor for the transition from youth to old age and death, then the others were written over a few years. The poems aren't always a reflection of what i'm feeling, maybe its a film i've watched, a lyric or quote i've read or a conversation i've over heard that sets me off. I read some of these poems and laugh because i have no idea what i was thinking when i wrote them and some of them are just plain embarrassing, but i've stopped myself from deleting them like i used to. They show parts of me that sometimes i'd prefer people not to see which makes me feel quite vulnerable but i am proud of some of them. I'm currently studyin Psychology, Sociology, History and Politics, and hope to get into Journalism or writing.
if you have any questions just message me. xx

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Trust in God and trust in him more than anything else.
Before friends, family and even yourself.

Cause he'll never leave you when things get bad,
he'll turn you around and make you glad
for every breath of life that he gave you,
he'll accept you for all your faults to.

You're more special than you'll ever know

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