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I've written these poems at different times. I wrote the first 'The Station' at 13. It was a homework assignment, for drama i think, depicting a metaphor for the transition from youth to old age and death, then the others were written over a few years. The poems aren't always a reflection of what i'm feeling, maybe its a film i've watched, a lyric or quote i've read or a conversation i've over heard that sets me off. I read some of these poems and laugh because i have no idea what i was thinking when i wrote them and some of them are just plain embarrassing, but i've stopped myself from deleting them like i used to. They show parts of me that sometimes i'd prefer people not to see which makes me feel quite vulnerable but i am proud of some of them. I'm currently studyin Psychology, Sociology, History and Politics, and hope to get into Journalism or writing.
if you have any questions just message me. xx

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Fickle Little Thing

Feelings can change as seasons do
Sometimes hot or cold.
Each different and new.
But will I feel the same about you in a few months
Who’s to tell?
Cause my hearts heavy
And it’s beginning to swell

And I know I won’t bear or take the pain- when it stops beating

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