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kushagra 10 February 2020

what is the topic of the king's breakfast.

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bob bob 13 February 2019

hi :) …….....................………….bye

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Mark Alistair 09 February 2019

To me, having first met A. A. Milne via my childhood and my mother, to 70 years hence he seems as valuable to English literature and English culture as Shakespeare and Wordsworth.

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Mike Macartney-Filgate 07 February 2019

Brought up on these poems and now learning a few more to share with Canadian granddaughter (I am 69 this year and raised in USA and Australia, born in Toronto in 1950) .

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David Robinson 01 January 2014

This poem is incomplete. There is a stanza which begins: - Now teddy as was only right slept in the ottoman at night and crowded in with him as well...

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Rachel Fraser-burton 13 February 2008

My Dad used to read these poems to me when I was young. They used to send me to sleep because they are writen with perfect rhythm. Although I am now fourteen I still love these poems; they remind me of my Dad and can be read on many different levels. If people disagree could I please ask them not to post offensive comments they may upset some people. I have no problem with you having an opinion I would just prefer you to keep them to yourself if you are going to be rude. Thank you.

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