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41. The Hypochondriac 4/19/2018
42. The Watch Makers Clock 4/19/2018
43. Innocent Until Proven Guilty 4/19/2018
44. What Are Brothers For? ? ? ? 4/20/2018
45. Me Kitchen Sink.[ Funny] 4/20/2018
46. The Dying Child. A Mother With No Choice 4/20/2018
47. The Handy Man [not] 4/20/2018
48. To Touch Someones Heart 4/20/2018
49. Scott Of The Antarctic 4/20/2018
50. My Visit With My Friend Barack Obama 4/21/2018
51. If The Cap Fits Ware It [said The Rabbit To The Hair 4/21/2018
52. Slick Rick The Guitarists Lost Caravan 4/21/2018
53. Seize Not My Treasure From Me, Because I'm Far Too Great To Crawl At Your Feet 4/21/2018
54. The Desert Out Of Wreckage And Destruction, Springs A Welcome Sprig Of Hope 4/21/2018
55. A Happy Life 4/22/2018
56. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder 4/22/2018
57. Sweet Flowers Of The Meadow.[ Natures Calling] 4/22/2018
58. Winter Spring Summer And Fall [nature] 4/24/2018
59. An African Day. [nature] 4/24/2018
60. The Sniper [the Terror Of War] 4/24/2018
61. Lost In Time 5/6/2018
62. A Hero [? ] 5/6/2018
63. Our World Of Shame [destruction Of Nature] 5/6/2018
64. As Life Go's On 5/6/2018
65. The Fisherman [a Stormy Night] 5/6/2018
66. Haiku Deer 5/20/2018
67. Haiku Fox 5/20/2018
68. Haiku The Flower 5/20/2018
69. Haiku Life 5/20/2018
70. The Snowman 5/20/2018
71. The Inner Child, Darkness 5/20/2018
72. Keep Your Finger Off The Button And Leave This World Alone 5/22/2018
73. The Positions In Life[funny] 5/22/2018
74. Memories 5/22/2018
75. The Bounty Of The Year [nature] 5/23/2018
76. Greed Is It A Sin. 5/23/2018
77. 2017[ A Year Has Passed] 5/23/2018
78. Standing Solitary On The Shore [nature] 5/23/2018
79. Peace To The Poets Mind 5/24/2018
80. The Holy Door 5/24/2018

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The Sound Of The Morning, [ Nature]

The sound of the morning
whispered clearly in my ear
as the nightingale sang it's melodic song.

Flickering Butterflies drifted from bloom to bloom
taking joy in the abundance of nectar
dripping from within.

Bee's buzzed
bouncing along
as they carried bursting drums of pollen
to a queen so pure.

Ant's scurried within the cracks of walls
busying as the day went on.
Flowers opened,
brightly showing off their splendor
to the wonders of the world.

Dark clouds formed
as flies took to the air
fearless in their plight
as birds ...

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The Hangover

I woke up in the morning
With a head that's not really mine
As this one hurts and throbs
While mine felt quite sublime
I look into the mirror
And see a twisted face
I know that that one cannot be mine
Someone must have taken my place
I open my quivering mouth

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