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81. Laugh And The World Laughs With You 5/30/2018
82. Fallen Back In Grace 5/30/2018
83. A Welcome Sprig Of Hope [death] 5/30/2018
84. Room Of Gentle Love 6/1/2018
85. The Pasts Caught Up With Me 6/1/2018
86. Treasures Beyond Compare 6/1/2018
87. Light A Candle, Make A Prayer) 5/30/2018
88. The Sand Of Time [the Bedouin] 6/1/2018
89. Death Was Upon Us. Nature 6/3/2018
90. Beyond Redemption [love Death] 6/9/2018
91. He Who The Cap Fits Wear It 8/15/2018
92. A Spark Of Light. Suicidal Tendencies 8/15/2018
93. In Your Room Of Gentle Love 8/15/2018
94. Why? 8/15/2018
95. A Giant Towered Over Me. 8/15/2018
96. Today I Met An English Man 8/15/2018
97. The Forgotten Land [the Desert] 6/9/2018
98. The Battle [a Pray] 6/9/2018
99. The Demon Drink.[ Alcoholism ] 6/9/2018
100. The One Thing She Could Not Have In Life 6/9/2018
101. The Singing Bird [proverb] Sadness 6/9/2018
102. Sadness 6/9/2018
103. Beings Born To Bear And Break 8/15/2018
104. Haiku. After A Long Day 6/9/2018
105. The Hoarder [ Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder] 6/9/2018
106. A Will To Live 6/4/2018
107. The Crafts So Long To Learn 6/1/2018
108. The Dream Was Nearly Over [terror ] 5/30/2018
109. A Narrator Of Spaces In Between' 5/24/2018
110. The Burning Tower 5/24/2018
111. Arthritis. "O" What A Pain 5/22/2018
112. Please Forgive My Snoring 5/22/2018
113. A Dog Was Left In Dyer Straits 4/11/2018
114. A Ship Sailed Bye. [haunted] 5/6/2018
115. Haiku Salmon 5/20/2018
116. A Dog You Could Only Love 5/22/2018
117. Come To Me 5/22/2018
118. A Poets Life [nice And Slow] 4/22/2018
119. A Spark Of Light. Suicidal Tendencies. 4/21/2018
120. Lost Love, Girlfriend 4/21/2018

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The Sound Of The Morning, [ Nature]

The sound of the morning
whispered clearly in my ear
as the nightingale sang it's melodic song.

Flickering Butterflies drifted from bloom to bloom
taking joy in the abundance of nectar
dripping from within.

Bee's buzzed
bouncing along
as they carried bursting drums of pollen
to a queen so pure.

Ant's scurried within the cracks of walls
busying as the day went on.
Flowers opened,
brightly showing off their splendor
to the wonders of the world.

Dark clouds formed
as flies took to the air
fearless in their plight
as birds ...

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Broken Heart

When a branch breaks from a tree
It falls to the ground
But when your heart is broken
It has nowhere to fall

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