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Gold Star - 6,649 Points [the poets choice] (England uk)

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121. Lost Love, Girlfriend 4/21/2018
122. Donald Trump[i Saw This Man On Tv] 4/19/2018
123. Age With Astounding Grace 4/6/2018
124. The Beast Of Man 4/11/2018
125. The Sky At Night [nature] 4/9/2018
126. A Butterfly 4/4/2018
127. I Have A Good Friend Named Rick 4/4/2018
128. The Night 4/4/2018
129. Broken Heart 4/2/2018
130. Man Flu 4/2/2018
131. In Planet Earth We Trust 10/21/2018
132. A Poet At Heart 10/21/2018
133. Freedom 4/2/2018
134. Weakness 4/2/2018
135. I Don't Know Much, But I Know I Love You 5/30/2018
136. The Lonely Planet 4/13/2018
137. Of Scars And Story's The Orangutan [ Funny With A Message] 4/13/2018
138. A Storm Lit Night [ The Lonely Stray] 4/24/2018
139. The Silken Rim [love Sad] 4/22/2018
140. Come Sitwith Me And Listen 4/4/2018
141. Hands Across The Sea 4/11/2018
142. The Sands Of Time. 4/12/2018
143. Make Life Your Goal 10/21/2018
144. Summers Gentletouch. [nature] 4/24/2018
145. The Song Was So Enchanting 5/6/2018
146. The Rhythm Of Life, Take,Blood 8/15/2018
147. The Train To Nowhere 4/9/2018
148. The Beast Of Darkness 4/4/2018
149. The Sound Of The Morning, [ Nature] 4/22/2018

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The Sound Of The Morning, [ Nature]

The sound of the morning
whispered clearly in my ear
as the nightingale sang it's melodic song.

Flickering Butterflies drifted from bloom to bloom
taking joy in the abundance of nectar
dripping from within.

Bee's buzzed
bouncing along
as they carried bursting drums of pollen
to a queen so pure.

Ant's scurried within the cracks of walls
busying as the day went on.
Flowers opened,
brightly showing off their splendor
to the wonders of the world.

Dark clouds formed
as flies took to the air
fearless in their plight
as birds ...

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Man Flu

The man flue took its toll this week
It sapped my strength and made me weak
My eyes felt like they were popping out
And my high temperature sometimes made me shout

The aches and pains drove me up the wall
I don't think I got any sleep at all
I tossed and turned throughout the night
And by the next morning

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