Alan Bruce Thompson

Alan Bruce Thompson Poems

81. Bird Brain 2/4/2013
82. A Dog’s Life 3/27/2014
83. Thirty Hour Work Week 2/14/2015
84. Among The Folk 3/12/2015
85. Autumn Means Winter 2/6/2013
86. The Coming Of Summer 4/17/2013
87. Semana Santa 1/12/2014
88. Kraken Awaken 1/13/2015
89. Pleasing People 2/14/2015
90. Narcissa 12/31/2014
91. Spoilt Child 2/19/2013
92. Chain Of Lies 3/12/2015
93. Fresh Bread 5/9/2014
94. Granada Mi Amor 2/14/2015
95. Missing Your Voice 2/12/2013
96. Eye Contact 11/13/2013
97. Speaking Some Truth 3/12/2015
98. Free Market Economy 8/31/2014
99. Angel City 11/20/2014
100. Venus Personified 11/20/2014
Best Poem of Alan Bruce Thompson

Venus Personified

She stood there pouting, adopting a film star pose,
As her curvaceous virile body, pushed shape into her clothes.

She perched on her stiletto heels, threw back her blond hair,
She stood high above the crowd, aristocratic, without care.

She rehearsed for hours to become Venus personified,
She got some men excited, the others she mortified.

She swayed along, her hips swinging, so vain.
And all of this performance to collect tickets on a train?

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Spoilt Child

I can get what I want if I stamp my feet,
If I make enough noise, I get what I want to eat,
Exactly what I want, very colourful, very sweet.

Mother gets so embarrassed when I jump up and down,
When the people at the next table raise their eyebrows and frown,
So I do my best to be really unpleasant, and behave like a clown.

Where did I learn this behaviour? To be so crude and coarse,

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