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Born next door to nowhere, and still here. The longest-lived mayfly in history! Nothing like good music, decent food and a place to unwind, preferably on some hill top with a fine wind blowing, whatever the season. Either that or on some gull-wracked clifftop staring out across the North Sea, into the past. Like someone once said, I'm a writer not a fighter, but don't push me, OK? Now let's get on with it....

Alan Hodgson Poems

Angelman's Syndrome

Across a sunlit summer’s lawn came a happy, laughing child;
Hair tousled, face wreathed in smiles,
blue eyes shining with true simplicity.


Under a cataclysmic sky
they sheltered from a wind so hot
it burned the leaves to ashes as they
watched in fascinated horror.

Asker Wood

When early springtime’s night winds sing
around the steaming cattle byre,
And smoke curls high through wicker slats
above the dancing roundhouse fire;

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