Alan Hodgson

Rookie (if applicable! / Yorkshire)

Biography of Alan Hodgson

Born next door to nowhere, and still here. The longest-lived mayfly in history! Nothing like good music, decent food and a place to unwind, preferably on some hill top with a fine wind blowing, whatever the season. Either that or on some gull-wracked clifftop staring out across the North Sea, into the past. Like someone once said, I'm a writer not a fighter, but don't push me, OK? Now let's get on with it....

Alan Hodgson's Works:

The Phantoms of 3000 Years Updates

Angelman's Syndrome

Across a sunlit summer’s lawn came a happy, laughing child;
Hair tousled, face wreathed in smiles,
blue eyes shining with true simplicity.

Together they watched her awkward gait, her protruding jaw and lips;
they compared notes on her behaviour
and yesterday’s strong epileptic fit.

Angelman sighed as he pocketed his pen, observing to the nurse:

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