Alan Kabanshi

Alan Kabanshi Poems

1. Menarche 4/6/2011
2. Song Of Alan 4/6/2011
3. Falling Shadows 4/6/2011
4. Oh Mama 4/6/2011
5. Break In A Heart 4/6/2011
6. Unlocking Ourselves 4/6/2011
7. Gathering Storms 4/6/2011
8. Bleeding Thoughts 4/6/2011
9. Lost 4/6/2011
10. Catching Feelings 4/6/2011
11. A Hard Long Walk 4/6/2011
12. Liberty 4/6/2011
13. A Face In A Crowd 4/6/2011
14. A Place Of My Own 4/6/2011
15. If I Live, What Do I Leave? 4/6/2011
16. Poetic Expressions 4/6/2011
17. Dreams 8/21/2011
18. Experience And Thought 10/19/2011
19. Time 10/19/2011
20. Like A City Upon A Hill 12/14/2011
21. Close To Heaven 10/31/2012
22. Blinks Of Time 12/10/2012
23. When The Sun Goes Down 6/20/2015
24. 26th May Is Overdue 6/21/2015
25. Fulfilment, Love And Happiness 6/22/2015
26. What I Am Meant To Be 7/7/2015
27. The Past, The Present, The Future 4/25/2013
28. Caught In Between All Wishful 4/6/2011
29. War To Wars 4/25/2013
30. Soothing A Broken Heart 4/6/2011
31. Painting On The Wall 4/6/2011
32. Silhouette 8/6/2017
33. I Will Rest My Head 9/28/2017

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Best Poem of Alan Kabanshi


We don't know much about another than a name shared
To you I am a reminder of the devils work, if not a clown
But you are a sad reminder of my hereditary piece that fits upside down

Now I stand at a crossroad, my back sagging to this oblique load
Exhausted by the stings of kindred discord
Should we be despicably yoked just in honor of our heirs and assign?
I once thought us alike, but now from this distance I only see the differences
Our kinship can only take us far by keeping up appearances

We were a fortune guarded by scarecrows, overtime the lie was ...

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Soothing A Broken Heart

Storms of love
Thunder to rip my heart
My mind empty to blossoming thoughts of you
A dear and lovely lily
Sprouting to your beauty I have been enslaved
For years you possessed my head
Now you captured my heart
Mine a life yours is calling
For to you is falling

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