Alan Kabanshi

Alan Kabanshi Poems

1. Menarche 4/6/2011
2. Song Of Alan 4/6/2011
3. Falling Shadows 4/6/2011
4. Oh Mama 4/6/2011
5. Break In A Heart 4/6/2011
6. Unlocking Ourselves 4/6/2011
7. Gathering Storms 4/6/2011
8. Bleeding Thoughts 4/6/2011
9. Lost 4/6/2011
10. Catching Feelings 4/6/2011
11. A Hard Long Walk 4/6/2011
12. Liberty 4/6/2011
13. A Face In A Crowd 4/6/2011
14. A Place Of My Own 4/6/2011
15. If I Live, What Do I Leave? 4/6/2011
16. Poetic Expressions 4/6/2011
17. Dreams 8/21/2011
18. Experience And Thought 10/19/2011
19. Time 10/19/2011
20. Like A City Upon A Hill 12/14/2011
21. Close To Heaven 10/31/2012
22. Blinks Of Time 12/10/2012
23. When The Sun Goes Down 6/20/2015
24. 26th May Is Overdue 6/21/2015
25. Fulfilment, Love And Happiness 6/22/2015
26. What I Am Meant To Be 7/7/2015
27. Silhouette 8/6/2017
28. I Will Rest My Head 9/28/2017
29. The Past, The Present, The Future 4/25/2013
30. Caught In Between All Wishful 4/6/2011
31. War To Wars 4/25/2013
32. Soothing A Broken Heart 4/6/2011
33. Painting On The Wall 4/6/2011

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Best Poem of Alan Kabanshi

Painting On The Wall

Shine with an artistic impression, Helpless but one stands to stare
In a glowing smile smeared with envy and a promise of an after life
But in the palms of a reference sprouts forth a difference
And the roots of a painting are but buried from a dropp of paint.

Vast and open like an ocean waiting to be filled
The earth’s bowls gulp without satisfaction
Consumed to its thirsty, it imbibes men like a broken vessel
Astonished in awe
Many eye them like a painting on the wall
Surrounded for a salute of last respect
Those close at heart rip apart like it’s the ...

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Song Of Alan

Entangled I have fallen prey to the bait of her beauty
Because my mind she has corrupt?
Looking through her in just a flash of a stare
Her statuesque erect like a present before me
Her voice a composed masterpiece in complements
That all words kissing her lips are the epitome of beauty

In a life out of balance
She is revealed like a ray of light

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