Alan Kabanshi

Alan Kabanshi Poems

1. Menarche 4/6/2011
2. Song Of Alan 4/6/2011
3. Falling Shadows 4/6/2011
4. Oh Mama 4/6/2011
5. Break In A Heart 4/6/2011
6. Unlocking Ourselves 4/6/2011
7. Gathering Storms 4/6/2011
8. Bleeding Thoughts 4/6/2011
9. Lost 4/6/2011
10. Catching Feelings 4/6/2011
11. A Hard Long Walk 4/6/2011
12. Liberty 4/6/2011
13. A Face In A Crowd 4/6/2011
14. A Place Of My Own 4/6/2011
15. If I Live, What Do I Leave? 4/6/2011
16. Poetic Expressions 4/6/2011
17. Dreams 8/21/2011
18. Experience And Thought 10/19/2011
19. Time 10/19/2011
20. Like A City Upon A Hill 12/14/2011
21. Close To Heaven 10/31/2012
22. Blinks Of Time 12/10/2012
23. When The Sun Goes Down 6/20/2015
24. 26th May Is Overdue 6/21/2015
25. Fulfilment, Love And Happiness 6/22/2015
26. What I Am Meant To Be 7/7/2015
27. The Past, The Present, The Future 4/25/2013
28. Caught In Between All Wishful 4/6/2011
29. War To Wars 4/25/2013
30. Soothing A Broken Heart 4/6/2011
31. Painting On The Wall 4/6/2011
32. Silhouette 8/6/2017
33. I Will Rest My Head 9/28/2017

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We don't know much about another than a name shared
To you I am a reminder of the devils work, if not a clown
But you are a sad reminder of my hereditary piece that fits upside down

Now I stand at a crossroad, my back sagging to this oblique load
Exhausted by the stings of kindred discord
Should we be despicably yoked just in honor of our heirs and assign?
I once thought us alike, but now from this distance I only see the differences
Our kinship can only take us far by keeping up appearances

We were a fortune guarded by scarecrows, overtime the lie was ...

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Falling Shadows

How can a feeling so sweet be deceitful, and be thought wrong?
Could she be too broken that with her I can’t belong?
Am I just blind a man, with too big a desire for sight, that I blinding myself from within my means?

But yet, dreams are filled with ghosts of her image
As slowly away she rolls closer to the edge
Just then am awaked by empty feelings awaiting her belonging
And fear grips my heart lest reality presents her before another man
Hooked in my thoughts, she is what I can’t s

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