Alan Leamey

Biography of Alan Leamey

From the gift of the curse, my life in verse...
The mirages that the world failed to heed
The prescience had planted the seed
For what the world now holds in store;
I pray to god, I have it all.

My poems are about life, death and all that's
in between.
A collection of thoughts and feelings, memories and
Dedicated to the open flower on a winters day, the
Rose without a name, that grew from the gutter to
stare at the stars.
To the people and places that made me who I am,

In my life......... Updates


When life presents what you could have had,
is the moment you become truly sad,
an a fire erupts to make you mad,
is when you finally change your ways.
When you awake to a lost cause,
and during the heat you stop and pause,
and think of what prods the sores,
is when you start to count your days.
It's only when one appears to you,

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