Alan Patrick Traynor

Rookie [The Peasant Poet!] (Dublin)

Biography of Alan Patrick Traynor

Alan Patrick Traynor is a Poet from Dublin Ireland. He is the author of SEVEN DAYS OF ASHES, a poetry book written on the spirit of the Holocaust and published by Saint Julian Press.

It has been said that his poetry is the mystical galvanic paint that sets the fields of Provence on fire. Traynor’s poetry shocks the eyes and soul at once, his poems are 'deep veridicous spears in a rachis sky of black feathers that will unlatch and unhinge you.'
Alan Patrick Traynor has been featured in Literary Journals worldwide, and is greatly respected amongst his peers.

'Edit not my soul” and 'Edit not blood' are two of his own phrases that describe him best.

Alan Patrick Traynor's Works:


Seven Days Of Ashes

Day 1

I am an Order
Nothing else

The deep
Thin lines
The striped buried face

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