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Rating: 2.33

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Alan Sillitoe (4 March 1928 – 25 April 2010) was an English writer and one of the "Angry Young Men" of the 1950s. He disliked the label, as did most of the other writers to whom it was applied.

Sillitoe was born in Nottingham, to working class parents. Like Arthur Seaton, the anti-hero of his first novel Saturday Night and Sunday Morning, his father worked at the Raleigh Bicycle Company factory.

He left school at the age of 14 and worked at the Raleigh factory for the next four years, spending his free time reading. He then joined the Royal Air Force, serving as a wireless operator in Malaya. After returning to England, he was discovered to have tuberculosis and spent 16 months in an RAF hospital.

Pensioned off at age 21 on 45 shillings a week, he lived in France and Spain for sev ...

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James Ross 02 September 2018

I have a poem hand written and signed by Alan, called the Car Dump 1983.

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11 November 2014

He was a laborer. Sweated his goods out for nine pound a week. He never had it so good.

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