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Born, England 1964 in a working class family. Grew up a loner with few friends but a superb imagination that filled many fantasy filled hours of play. As a child my father encouraged me to learn music as he played in many local brass bands and adult I learnt to play guitar. I have always loved to read literature enjoying all the classics at an early age. I started to write poetry after the second of my two children was born about 20 years ago. Finding a voice for my work was difficult as was building the confidence to let people read it. Some of it is introverted but I like to think others can relate to the sentiment and maybe realise that whilst were are individuals, we are not alone in the way we feel.

Alan Waterhouse's Works: Audio anthology 2001
Florida Villager 2001
The Brown Critiqe Updates


As the day changes to the next
I find a cloak of darkness before me
So rich and so deep it affords those who wear it
a shroud of anonymity
And those who do adorn it become as deep and dark
in heart as it was once itself.

Though I hide my mortality well
I encompass this sea of darkness

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