Alanna Flynn

Rookie (Benson, Vermont.)

Biography of Alanna Flynn

Well gee. Let us start it off with a quick, shortened version of my life. I have grown up in a small town in Vermont along with my four siblings and wonderful parents. I have three brothers and a sister, so to say the least...I was a little tom-boy growing up. I eventually blossomed into a free roaming spirit. At a young age, I not only fell in love with writing, but music as well. I have been in the show/festival scene just I was just a babe, and it is part of who I am. Although I have many goals and aspirations for the future, for now I am just loving these sweet teenage years... Updates

I Dream. (Pantoum)

I dream often.
All wildly and different ideas.
All senses, feeling real.
Where reality and fantasy meet.

All wildly and different ideas,
In a scary world that I do not know.
Where reality and fantasy meet,
Creeping cautiously in this foreign land.

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