Alaric Alexander Watts

(1797-1864 / England)

Biography of Alaric Alexander Watts

Alaric Alexander Watts (16 March 1797 - 5 April 1864), British poet and journalist, born in London. His life was dedicated to newspaper creation and edition and was seen as a conservative writer. Such a life led him to bankruptcy until a pension was awarded to him by a friend, Lord Aberdeen.

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An Epicedium

HE left his home with a bounding heart,
For the world was all before him;
And he felt it scarce a pain to part,
Such sun-bright beams came o'er him.
He turned him to visions of future years,
The rainbow's hues were around them;
And a father's bodings - a mother's tears -
Might not weigh with the hopes, that crowned them.

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