Alauddin Al Azad

(6 May 1932 - 3 July 2009 / Dhaka / Bangladesh)

Biography of Alauddin Al Azad

Alauddin Al Azad poet

Alauddin Al-Azad (Bengali: আলাউদ্দিন আল আজাদ)was a language veteran, renowned poet and writer, and distinguished academic figure in Bangladesh.


Alauddin Al-Azad was born on 6 May 1932 in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He Passed SSC.1947, HSC.1949. From Dhaka University he passed BA (Honors) at 1953 and MA.1954 as the same university. He received his PhD. degree from London University in 1970 for his work 'Iswar Gupter Jeebon o Kabita'.

He was a very good student of Bengali literature and also a professor. Also he was a first secretary of Bangladesh High Commission in Moskow.

Contributions in Bengali Language

Azad has authored more than 123 books. He had also been the Principal of Dhaka College.

Azad, the only man, who recited the first poem dedicated to the memory of the language martyrs at the Central Shaheed Minar in 1952.

His literary works were included in the curriculum of school level, secondary, higher secondary and graduation level Bengali Literature in Bangladesh.


Azad received a good number of awards including UNECEF Award, Bangla Academy Award, Independence and Ekushey Puroskar for his outstanding contribution in the field of Bangla literature.

Prof. Azad has been proclaimed as the "Man of the Year 1991" by the American Biographical Institute (ABI) for his outstanding accomplishment and the noble example he has set for his country. He is the first personality in Asia to receive this international honour.

Other awards are:

Bangla Academy Award (1965)
UNESCO Award (1965)
National Film Award (1977)
Sight and Film Award (1977)
Abul Kalam Shamsuddin Literary Award (1983)
Abul Mansur Ahmad Literary Award (1984)
Lekhika Sangha Award (1985)
Rangdhanu Award (1985)
Alakta Literary Award (1986)
Ekushey Padak (1986)
Sher-e-Bangla Literary Award (1987)
Natyasava Baktitya Award (1989)
Kathak Academy Award, (1989)
Kalacakra Medal (1988–89)
Lok Forum Gold Medal (1990)
Deshbandhu Chittaranjan Das Gold Medal (1994)


He died on July 3, 2009 in Uttara, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Alauddin Al Azad's Works:


Teish Nambor Toilochitra (Oil Painting Twenty Three 1960)
Shiter Sheshrat Basanter Pratham Din (Last Night of Winter First Day of Spring, 1962)
Karnafuli (1962)
Kshuda O Asha (Hanger and Hope, 1964)
Khashra Kagoj (Papers for Rough Sketch, 1986)
Shyam Chhayar Songbad (Intimations of Green Shadows, 1986); *Jyotsnar Ajana Jiban (Unknown Life of Jyotsna, 1986)
Jekhane Danriye Achi (The Spot I Stand on, 1986)
Swagatam Bhalobasha (Welcome, Love, 1990)
Apar Joddhara (Other Soldiers, 1992)
Purana Polton (1992)
Antarikshe Briksharaji (Trees in the Sky, 1992)
Priya Prince (Dear Prince, 1995)
Campus (1994)
Anudita Andhokar (Translated Darkness, 1991)
Swapnoshila (Dreamstone, 1992)
Kalo Jyotsnay Candramallika (Candramallika in Dark Moonlight, 1996)
Bishrinkhala (Chaos, 1997)
Nirbachito Bangla Choty Golpo.


Jege Achi
Andhokar Shiri
Ujan Taronge
Jakhan Saykat
Amar Rokto swapno amar


Vorer Nodir Mohonay Jagoron
Surjo Jalar Swapan
jouno golpo somogro -nana


Ehuder Meye
Morokkor Jadukar
Mayabi Prohor
Songbad Sesangsho


Shilper Sadhona
Sahittyer Sguntok Ritu

Book on Liberation War

Ferrari Diary [1978]

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The Monument

Have they destroyed your memorial minaret?
Don't you fear, comrade,
We are still here
A family of ten million, alert and wide awake.
The base that no emperor
Could ever crush
At whose feet
The diamond crown, the blue proclamation,
The naked sabre and the tempestuous cavalry

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