Albashir Adam Alhassan

Biography of Albashir Adam Alhassan

Born in Kano state of Nigeria on 3rd of March in the mid 80s. Parents hailed from Niger state of Nigeria. Nupe by tribe. Attended Warure special primary school, Kano {1989-1995}. Then Aminu Kano Commercial College, Kano {1995-2001}. And finally Bayero University Kano {2001-2006}. Served the nation as a graduate in Taraba state {2007}. Presently working with the first financial institution in Nigeria. I love basketball, music, poems, video games and sleeping. Updates


Please let's not play this game,
'cos once U leave... things will neva be the same,
Who'll be there 2 whisper my name?
And 2 tell me if I'm the one or not 2 blame?

So many places I've gone,
So many things I've done,
So many people I've known,
But without U I'm still alone.

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