Albert Crane

Rookie (Los Angeles, California)

Biography of Albert Crane

Albert Crane looks like how most people would imagine a poet to look. Tall, gray hair, long gray beard, and a wonderful deep voice that keeps audiences spellbound when he reads his poetry. Not only is he a writer of merit, he is a friend to poets as well, willing to help a young writer in need with the offer of a meal or a place to sleep. He published “Threadbare Literary Journal” (in collaboration with Theresa Haffner) . His work has also appeared in “The New Press” and “Aftershock”, among others, and he has read at local readings. Originally from Los Angeles, for the last ten years he has divided his time between Phoenix, Arizona, and Sterling, Colorado. He currently resides in Louisville, Colorado. He is 67. Updates

Tried By Treason

i see a body
drinking short dogs
leaving bottles everywhere

i see a person
who drives
a brain

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