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1. You 1/24/2009
2. Trying To Stop Loving You 2/9/2009
3. Without A Good Bye.. 2/17/2009
4. To Powerful For Words 2/18/2009
5. Why? (What More..) 2/22/2009
6. Just Because 2/24/2009
7. Feel So Hurt.. 2/28/2009
8. My Heart 3/14/2009
9. My True Feelings 4/13/2009
10. Heart Broken 4/18/2009
11. A Feeling Never Lost 4/30/2009
12. Not Even Here I Will Stop 5/12/2009
13. Try To Take You From Me 5/12/2009
14. Sweet Memories 5/12/2009
15. Px =] 5/12/2009
16. This Feeling Is.. 5/15/2009
17. Where Is Happy? 5/24/2009
18. Ms. Debbie 6/14/2009
19. My Life 11/10/2009
20. Not Sure 1/30/2010
21. A Puzzle Piece 3/11/2010
22. Unforgetable /3 4/6/2010
23. Pain? 5/18/2010
24. Looking Into Each Others Eyes....... 12/15/2008
25. Must Be...Gotta Be Love 1/11/2009
26. No Words Can Describe It 1/15/2009
27. Love We Got 1/19/2009
28. Its Becoming Clear To Me! 1/15/2009
29. Jocelyn 4/20/2009
30. The Most Unreal Feeling 4/30/2009
31. Because Of You 1/6/2009
32. Love Is.... 1/18/2009

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Best Poem of albert fernandez

Love Is....

love is a great
love is special
love is a commitment

love is crazy
love is right
love is a feeling
love is powerful

love is devestating
love is easy to break
love is undescribeable

love is what u find
love is what u can lose

love is what i have
love is how i feel for u
love is what i show u
love is what i give u


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Must Be...Gotta Be Love

i will always love you. no matter what happens in the present and future to come. i dont care if you dont love me like i love you. people keep telling me its just a crush, but if it really was just a crush how is it that i think of you everyday, every hour, every minute, every second, every morning, every night and every night? well its because i love you! ! ! i feel for you like i never felt for anyone else.
my heart want you and no one else.
my arms want you to hold next me.
my thoughts wan

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