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1. You 1/24/2009
2. Trying To Stop Loving You 2/9/2009
3. Without A Good Bye.. 2/17/2009
4. To Powerful For Words 2/18/2009
5. Why? (What More..) 2/22/2009
6. Just Because 2/24/2009
7. Feel So Hurt.. 2/28/2009
8. My Heart 3/14/2009
9. My True Feelings 4/13/2009
10. Heart Broken 4/18/2009
11. The Most Unreal Feeling 4/30/2009
12. A Feeling Never Lost 4/30/2009
13. Not Even Here I Will Stop 5/12/2009
14. Try To Take You From Me 5/12/2009
15. Sweet Memories 5/12/2009
16. Px =] 5/12/2009
17. This Feeling Is.. 5/15/2009
18. Where Is Happy? 5/24/2009
19. Ms. Debbie 6/14/2009
20. My Life 11/10/2009
21. Not Sure 1/30/2010
22. A Puzzle Piece 3/11/2010
23. Unforgetable /3 4/6/2010
24. Pain? 5/18/2010
25. Looking Into Each Others Eyes....... 12/15/2008
26. Because Of You 1/6/2009
27. Must Be...Gotta Be Love 1/11/2009
28. No Words Can Describe It 1/15/2009
29. Love Is.... 1/18/2009
30. Love We Got 1/19/2009
31. Its Becoming Clear To Me! 1/15/2009
32. Jocelyn 4/20/2009

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Its Becoming Clear To Me!

life is so wonderful when it comes to you and me! the stars look brighter. the ocean crashes louder. the sun burs out more than usual. the grass becomes more green. the flowers are blooming. the blacks n whites turn into red and oranges. my life becomes as clear as glass!

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Because Of You

it is because of you i feel this way. i feel so much emotion like its living off of me! its because of you i wake up in the morning and get going. its because of you i want to scream how much i love you! its because of you i cry because you dont love me like i love you...its because of you i smile. its because of you i laugh! its because of you th

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