Albert Halsey

Biography of Albert Halsey

Professor Albert Henry "Chelly" Halsey (born 1923) is a British sociologist. He is Emeritus Emeritus Professor of Social and Administrative Studies at the University of Oxford, and Fellow of Nuffield College, Oxford.
Professor Halsey 'worked in what he called the "political arithmetic" tradition throughout his career, with the dual tasks of documenting the state of society, and addressing social and political issues through "experimental social administration".

He presented the BBC's annual Reith Lectures in 1978. Entitled Change in British Society, Halsey examined topics such as class, status, family and social cohesion.

Albert Halsey's Works:

Education, Economy, and Society : a reader in the sociology of education (1961)
The British Academics (1971) with Martin A. Trow
Trends in British society since 1900; a guide to the changing social structure of Britain (1972)
Social class and educational opportunity (1973) with J. E. Floud and F. M. Martin
Heredity and Environment (1977)
Power and ideology in education (1977) with Jerome Karabel
Change in British Society BBC Reith Lectures (1978)
Change in British society: book based on the BBC Reith lectures (1978)
Decline of donnish dominion: the British academic professions in the twentieth century (1992)
Twentieth-century British social trends (2000) with Josephine Webb Updates

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