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From early childhood I was abused by my father, physically, emotionally, and verbally. The beatings were bad enough. I think, however, that the emotional and verbal abuse and public ridicule which I experienced left an even deeper scar upon me. I now realize that I will be on the road of recovery the rest of my life. I have often feared that others would damage me as I was damaged by my raging, critical father, but I have begun to trust people more. I tried to cope with the feelings of worthlessness that came from the abuse by burying myself in my work (my addiction, workaholism) , depriving my wife and children of the time and love that they deserved from their husband and father. My job supervisor had to intervene and require that I get therapy needed to confront the ghosts of the past and my now unhealthy behavior patterns which once served me pretty well to cope with the terror of the abuse.

My counselor suggested I keep a journal to record my thoughts and feelings as I wrestled with the abusive past and moved forward in growth. Sometimes it helped me to journal my feelings as poetry. I thought it might help others to read some of this poetry.

In this ebook are selected poems from my published book, Writing the Wrongs. The printed book is in two sections: the first section, Writing the Wrongs, tells about abuse which I experienced and how it impacted me. The other section, Righting the Wrongs, tells about my journey of recovery. All poems are copyrighted by me, Al Johnson.

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3. Eyes

Old photos show adoring eyes
Toward your newborn child.


Old memories hold a picture of clouded eyes

Disturbed turned to rage.

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