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Albert Martin Poems

41. Redeemer's Condition 8/25/2014
42. Together Life 9/21/2014
43. I Got 5/18/2013
44. Lost 8/23/2013
45. Song Of Mom 12/15/2014
46. Making Sweet The Bitter 2/20/2015
47. Long Distance Cold Bodied Girl Written Blues 11/4/2015
48. Black Queen 11/18/2015
49. When The Ostrich Got Frightened 11/21/2015
50. Little Egypt. Taken And Enchanted 1/26/2016
51. Do Not Fear 2/3/2016
52. At Home 11/20/2016
53. Requiem For The Light 11/20/2016
54. War Veteran Concludes 11/23/2016
55. The Night Arriving With His Silent Cry 3/21/2017
56. Explain On Why I Go 10/15/2017
57. No Valley For Old Men 10/15/2017
58. One Morning 3/20/2015
59. The Gates To Another Place 3/23/2015
60. Long And Hard Winter Journey Telling Haikus 2/20/2015
61. High Self Estimate Girl And Her Friend The Crow 9/30/2014
62. The Pretty Sad Girl On The Ship 6/14/2014
63. Little Cabin 7/22/2014
64. Trouble In A Border Town 7/22/2014
65. Taken Land 8/26/2013
66. Another Hobo's Lullaby 6/4/2014
67. Romance In The Snowy Kingdom 12/30/2014
68. Solitude In The Prairie. The Black And The White 3/10/2015
69. The Talking Piece Of Heart 3/15/2016
70. Happy Conselor 10/30/2015
71. Night Train 5/11/2013
72. Inconvenient Ability To Fly 4/30/2014
73. Little Bird. Let's Give It Freedom. 4/1/2015
74. The Path Of The Hurricane 5/5/2014
75. Woods Prayer 12/30/2014
76. Shotting Stars 5/10/2013

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Best Poem of Albert Martin

Shotting Stars

She got lost
Looking for shotting stars
Now I know
I don't own her no more

Now I walk
Neath them late lonesome skies
I don't know
If I'm looking for someone

Such is my confusion
Almost a disease
The end of the road
Just an illusion
It does point to south
And never never never cease

I'm wondering
If she knows about her bound
And if it's that which she looks for
Someday able to be found

Ah the crow came in the evening
It began to cry so loud
'Just forget her. Let her be.
Let the road it take her down'.

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Night Train

I made the woods my home
When I first came here
There was no town
That I hadn't roamed

There was an ancient man whom they
Used to call Ramblin' Bob
He used to have a farm
Where I started my first job

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