Albert Wong

Rookie (7/09/1940 / Hong Kong)

Albert Wong Poems

1. The Rich Peoples Game. 5/23/2007
2. Human Life. 5/28/2007
3. Confusion On Poetry. 5/30/2007
4. My Wife. 5/30/2007
5. My Arrival. 5/30/2007
6. True Love Was Broken. 5/30/2007
7. Song Of Sleepy. 5/30/2007
8. Better Sleep. 5/30/2007
9. The Peonies. 5/24/2007
10. Look Scenery On Homes Balcony. 6/2/2007
11. No Name Guy. 6/3/2007
12. The World Of Bloggers. 6/3/2007
13. The Cancer. 6/3/2007
14. Great Is Reflected In Darkness. 6/4/2007
15. My Friend Is Unimaginable Great. 6/4/2007
16. Young Poets Should Stand Up. 6/4/2007
17. Who Knows Parents Great? 6/4/2007
18. My Garden. 6/4/2007
19. The Night Curtain Falls Down. 6/4/2007
20. My Taste Of Life 6/5/2007
21. Happy Swing. 6/7/2007
22. A Summer Silent Night. 6/8/2007
23. The World Is Not So Fair. 6/8/2007
24. Lake Side Crane. 6/8/2007
25. My Grand Fathers True Love. 6/8/2007
26. Sun Rises Friendly High. 6/9/2007
27. Time Passes Quietly Not To See. 6/9/2007
28. Enjoy Ourselves Reasonably In Life 6/10/2007
29. Sun's Glory. 6/10/2007
30. My Life. 8/17/2008
31. Poem Soul. 6/2/2007
32. Haiku - Love 8/22/2008
33. Song Of The Migration 8/24/2008
34. The Lost Nature. 8/25/2008
35. The China Quake Ghosts 8/27/2008
36. Days Of Retired. 8/28/2008
37. After Battles Of Voting Games 8/28/2008
38. An Unforgetable Hiking At Evening 8/28/2008
39. Chinese Style Olympia 2008 8/29/2008
40. In This Circle 9/1/2008

Comments about Albert Wong

  • Albert C Wong (10/20/2014 3:20:00 PM)

    After so many years, I still do not forget such the critical from Fairy Heart about my poem Absence of Roses, that is ver true a good suggestion!

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  • Fairytale Heart (12/6/2007 8:20:00 AM)

    RE: Absence of Roses

    'Delicious' was used because that was how they smelt.
    When I wrote 'red or pink' I was describing the roses, when at the end I used 'blue' I was describing my eyes.
    I also used the colours as symbols of happiness/love (red, pink) and sadness (blue) .

    Hope that helps.

Best Poem of Albert Wong

A Beautiful Lady.

She appeared like a blaze.
Moved from the West to East.
I could only stand far survey.
My heart felt her cool face.

I thought in love was too late.
Closer heard her voice ringing;
her face as white as pale jade;
her hands were gently soft.

She touched me make my heart jumping;
her lips moved gently with pink shines.
Why I could not control my heart calm?
Her charming figure caused me shy.

Nearly could not speak wise words.
My mind was so distraught when stood closer.

Read the full of A Beautiful Lady.

My New Bride.

A new book bought to my hands,
Likes a bride married a man.
It helps to understand the poetry clans,
It might leads me go forth to my plan.

The characters inside are golden words,
It seems a good book found its friend.
This book is my dream on way forward,
It's one of my lovely book valued to spend.

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