Aldo Kraas

Rookie (July 15 1964 / Sao Paulo Brazil)

Aldo Kraas Poems

4401. Battles Blues 12/8/2009
4402. Make The Time Song 12/9/2009
4403. My Cold Hands And Warm Hearts 12/9/2009
4404. My Wonder Star 12/10/2009
4405. Lonely Shepherd 12/10/2009
4406. All That I Have 12/10/2009
4407. Dancing In The Dark 12/10/2009
4408. Nothing Left To Lose 12/11/2009
4409. A Very Special Friend 12/13/2009
4410. My Love Will Conquer All 12/13/2009
4411. Nothing Is More Festive Than A Street Of Slash 12/13/2009
4412. Would You Still Remember Me If I Went To Heaven? 12/13/2009
4413. Hensley Hymn 12/13/2009
4414. A Song That I Sing 12/13/2009
4415. I Will Choose A Way 12/13/2009
4416. Mrs. Santa 12/13/2009
4417. Save The World That I Live In 12/13/2009
4418. Season's Full Of Hope 12/11/2009
4419. God Lover 12/11/2009
4420. Tell Me Song 12/12/2009
4421. The Passionate Time Song 12/14/2009
4422. The Dreamer's Land 12/14/2009
4423. Mon Dieu Chéri 12/14/2009
4424. Let Me Belong Also In That Spiritual World 12/15/2009
4425. My Sun Has Slept 12/15/2009
4426. I Don'T Want To Leave My Comfort Zone 12/16/2009
4427. I Want To Live Forever In This Land 12/16/2009
4428. Silent Poetry 12/16/2009
4429. Now I Let My Guard Down 12/17/2009
4430. Dead Poet's Bones 12/17/2009
4431. That Sinking Feeling 12/17/2009
4432. I Get Around 12/17/2009
4433. That Blazing Light 12/19/2009
4434. The Time Keeper Blues 12/19/2009
4435. Christmas At Massey Square 12/19/2009
4436. God's Peacekeeper 12/19/2009
4437. We Can'T Help It 12/19/2009
4438. Hearing The Spirit 12/19/2009
4439. The People Of All The Nations 12/19/2009
4440. The Light At The End Of The Tunnel 12/19/2009
Best Poem of Aldo Kraas

My Love, Your Love, His Love, And Our Love

My love, your love, his love, and our love
Are all different from each other
Let me tell you about my love first
My love is very weak
Like the baby
That had just been born
Your love
Is very strong
Like the thunder
That is going on in the sky
Right now
His love
Is very special
Because he is giving
It to us right now

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Love Will Be All I Need

Love will be all I need
Love will be all I need
Love is sweet as honey
I will gamble everything for love
Because love is all I need
I am willing to make a change in my life
Now that I've seen what jail is like
I didn't like it at all
The drive in the back of the police car was bad

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