Aldo Kraas

Rookie (July 15 1964 / Sao Paulo Brazil)

Aldo Kraas Poems

5961. Every Moment 5/1/2010
5962. In The Woods 5/1/2010
5963. Nothing That She Write Is As Good As Mine 5/2/2010
5964. You Dream A Dream 5/2/2010
5965. Compared To Me 5/2/2010
5966. I Will Be Yours 5/2/2010
5967. You Can'T Understand The Way I Feel 5/2/2010
5968. There Is More To Life Than I Will Ever Know 5/2/2010
5969. I Got No Island Or A Car To Share With You 5/2/2010
5970. They Have Found Me 5/2/2010
5971. Our Song 5/2/2010
5972. Rosebud 5/2/2010
5973. Is That A Dream? 5/2/2010
5974. Thanks God For Soup Kitchen 5/3/2010
5975. Monday Morning Song 5/3/2010
5976. Pittencrief Park 5/3/2010
5977. The Angel Of The Dark 5/3/2010
5978. Sunrise At My Neighborhood 5/3/2010
5979. Hello Come Back To Me 5/3/2010
5980. Rebel Blues 5/3/2010
5981. So Do You Want To Be Me? 5/3/2010
5982. Moon Song 5/3/2010
5983. Whisper 5/3/2010
5984. Forse 5/3/2010
5985. In My Heart You Will Always Be 5/3/2010
5986. Who Am I? Song 5/3/2010
5987. With You I Will Always Be Happy 5/3/2010
5988. You Can Trust Me 5/3/2010
5989. The Shanghai Night 5/3/2010
5990. Time For Gentle Light 5/3/2010
5991. I Find 5/3/2010
5992. Come With Me 5/3/2010
5993. The Lake 5/3/2010
5994. I See So Many Shades Of Black 5/2/2010
5995. Sueño 5/2/2010
5996. Velas 5/2/2010
5997. No Men's Island 5/2/2010
5998. His Heart Sees For Me And My Heart Sees For Him 5/2/2010
5999. God As My Ally 5/2/2010
6000. Would You Cry Song 5/2/2010
Best Poem of Aldo Kraas

My Love, Your Love, His Love, And Our Love

My love, your love, his love, and our love
Are all different from each other
Let me tell you about my love first
My love is very weak
Like the baby
That had just been born
Your love
Is very strong
Like the thunder
That is going on in the sky
Right now
His love
Is very special
Because he is giving
It to us right now

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Love Will Be All I Need

Love will be all I need
Love will be all I need
Love is sweet as honey
I will gamble everything for love
Because love is all I need
I am willing to make a change in my life
Now that I've seen what jail is like
I didn't like it at all
The drive in the back of the police car was bad

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