Aldo Kraas

Rookie (July 15 1964 / Sao Paulo Brazil)

Aldo Kraas Poems

6001. I Find 5/3/2010
6002. Come With Me 5/3/2010
6003. The Lake 5/3/2010
6004. The Light Of The Wintry Sky 5/3/2010
6005. The Carpet Of Dead Leaves 5/3/2010
6006. Guest House 5/4/2010
6007. Let The Future Arrive For You Now 5/4/2010
6008. Looking For The Answer 5/4/2010
6009. It Is Raining Outside 5/2/2010
6010. I Want To Be In Your Wonderland 5/4/2010
6011. I'D Like To Make Myself Believe 5/4/2010
6012. Velvet Sky 5/4/2010
6013. I Can'T Wait To Kiss The Ground 5/4/2010
6014. God Sleep With Me In My Ow Bed Tonight 5/4/2010
6015. I Am That Men 5/4/2010
6016. What's The Use Sonata 5/4/2010
6017. Quando Sento La Vostra Chiamada 5/4/2010
6018. Lady Diver 5/4/2010
6019. Watching Out For Me 5/5/2010
6020. Mrs. Sandman 5/5/2010
6021. She Cried On My Shoulder Song 5/5/2010
6022. Our Life Is Music 5/5/2010
6023. Morning Fog On Halong Bay 5/5/2010
6024. Someone Is Praying 5/5/2010
6025. I Have So Many Rules Made For Me 5/6/2010
6026. Goslings 5/6/2010
6027. The Polulation Of Our City Is Growing 5/6/2010
6028. Fraser River 5/6/2010
6029. Rockabye Baby 5/6/2010
6030. Lightning Storm 5/6/2010
6031. There Is A Fraser Canyon 5/6/2010
6032. Take Me To The Coal Harbour 5/6/2010
6033. What She Is Going To Do To Make Me Love Her? 5/6/2010
6034. They Rest In The Sky 5/6/2010
6035. Last Night I Dream That I Was A Butterfly 5/6/2010
6036. Sister Can You Hear God Calling You? 5/6/2010
6037. We Will Decide 5/6/2010
6038. Memories Of Her Will Live With Me 5/6/2010
6039. Let Me In Your Life Song 5/6/2010
6040. Mysterious Woman 5/6/2010
Best Poem of Aldo Kraas

My Love, Your Love, His Love, And Our Love

My love, your love, his love, and our love
Are all different from each other
Let me tell you about my love first
My love is very weak
Like the baby
That had just been born
Your love
Is very strong
Like the thunder
That is going on in the sky
Right now
His love
Is very special
Because he is giving
It to us right now

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Blessed Be Your Name

Blessed be your name
All my prayers are answered by you
Every song I hear makes me want you more
All this slepless nights
All that light wasted
If I could traded my anger for peace
If I can sort out all my troubles
I love you this much
I have no other words to discribe you

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