Aldo Kraas

Rookie (July 15 1964 / Sao Paulo Brazil)

Aldo Kraas Poems

3561. I Always Remember Song 6/10/2009
3562. Get Up And Get Moving 6/10/2009
3563. Save The Earth Song 6/10/2009
3564. If We Only Get One Chance 6/10/2009
3565. Walking Steady Sonata 6/10/2009
3566. Emotions Song 6/10/2009
3567. Halfway There Song 6/10/2009
3568. I Am The Tree Song 6/10/2009
3569. Zach's Sonata Number 1 6/10/2009
3570. Magnificent Song 6/10/2009
3571. Why Do You Cry? Sonata 6/11/2009
3572. Yasmine Eyes Blues 6/11/2009
3573. Simply Because Hymn 6/11/2009
3574. I Need The Light In My Life 6/11/2009
3575. I Am Living The Dark Behind Now 6/11/2009
3576. I Am Getting Settle At Home Again 6/11/2009
3577. If Only You Knew Sonata 6/10/2009
3578. Baby It''s You Song 6/10/2009
3579. Our Love Has Broken Here 6/12/2009
3580. All You Ever Wanted 6/12/2009
3581. I Am So Beloved 6/12/2009
3582. Over My Shoulder 6/12/2009
3583. Listen To The Children Hymn 6/12/2009
3584. Lumieres 6/13/2009
3585. What Love Leaves Behind 6/13/2009
3586. What You Gave Me Song 6/13/2009
3587. No One Listens To God Anymore 6/13/2009
3588. Soaring Through The Sky Song 6/13/2009
3589. His Beloved One 6/13/2009
3590. Wednesday Morning Song 6/13/2009
3591. You Are Not Alone Sonata 6/13/2009
3592. Heal The Earth Song 6/13/2009
3593. You Gave Me A Sinphony To Me 6/14/2009
3594. God I Know That You Will Be There 6/14/2009
3595. I Can Still Break Your Heart 6/14/2009
3596. I Can Be That Shining Light 6/14/2009
3597. God's Destiny For Her Song 6/14/2009
3598. You Are A Friend For Life 6/14/2009
3599. The Message Of God I Understood Very Well 6/14/2009
3600. What Are You Doing Here? 6/14/2009
Best Poem of Aldo Kraas

My Love, Your Love, His Love, And Our Love

My love, your love, his love, and our love
Are all different from each other
Let me tell you about my love first
My love is very weak
Like the baby
That had just been born
Your love
Is very strong
Like the thunder
That is going on in the sky
Right now
His love
Is very special
Because he is giving
It to us right now

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Love Will Be All I Need

Love will be all I need
Love will be all I need
Love is sweet as honey
I will gamble everything for love
Because love is all I need
I am willing to make a change in my life
Now that I've seen what jail is like
I didn't like it at all
The drive in the back of the police car was bad

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