Aldo Kraas

Rookie (July 15 1964 / Sao Paulo Brazil)

Aldo Kraas Poems

3681. I Would Be Song 6/29/2009
3682. A Hopeless Reflection Sonata 6/30/2009
3683. Lullaby For The Found 6/30/2009
3684. Somebody Lost Their Shoes 6/30/2009
3685. Do You Know The Selfish Side Of Humans? 6/30/2009
3686. How? Song 7/1/2009
3687. They Don'T Have Any Sympathy For Me 7/1/2009
3688. When Life Gets You Up 7/1/2009
3689. I Remember Operetta 7/1/2009
3690. Hugs And Kisses I Will Give To My God 7/1/2009
3691. Your Free Song 7/1/2009
3692. Shadows Of The Ships 7/1/2009
3693. A Tree Pleads Song 7/2/2009
3694. Salute To God 7/2/2009
3695. She Will Whisper In The Dark 7/2/2009
3696. One Of Those Days I Will Get Back My Energy 7/2/2009
3697. Making A Difference Sonata 7/3/2009
3698. Massey Square By Night 7/3/2009
3699. Let The Public Judge Me 7/3/2009
3700. No More Lonely Days 7/3/2009
3701. Trying To Forget Song 6/23/2009
3702. Have You Ever Wanted Something 6/23/2009
3703. Have You Ever Wanted Something Song 6/23/2009
3704. If The Things Don'T Work Out 6/23/2009
3705. Thou Great I Am 6/27/2009
3706. I Am Saying That I Will 6/28/2009
3707. Don'T Be Nasty With Me 6/28/2009
3708. She Wants To Be A Good Girl 6/28/2009
3709. Score 6/29/2009
3710. How I Wanted To Live 6/29/2009
3711. Follow Me 7/4/2009
3712. Lets Rock With Him 7/4/2009
3713. Who Will Discipline The New Generation Of Kids In The World? 7/4/2009
3714. Para Sempre Sonata 7/4/2009
3715. Judy 7/4/2009
3716. Feeling Hymn 7/5/2009
3717. The American Dream Song 7/5/2009
3718. Our Duty Song 7/5/2009
3719. Su Mentira Theme 7/5/2009
3720. My Moment 7/5/2009
Best Poem of Aldo Kraas

My Love, Your Love, His Love, And Our Love

My love, your love, his love, and our love
Are all different from each other
Let me tell you about my love first
My love is very weak
Like the baby
That had just been born
Your love
Is very strong
Like the thunder
That is going on in the sky
Right now
His love
Is very special
Because he is giving
It to us right now

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Hymn Of The Sun

Thy dawning is beautiful in the horizon of the sun,
Oh living God,
When thou rises in the eastern horizon
Thou fillest every land with thy beauty
Thou art beautiful, great, glittering, high above every land
And thou carriest them all away captive;
Thou bindest by your love
Though you are far away
The roster are crowing

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