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I am a young poet, but not a really young one, I am inspired when my heart beats out the words of a girl with a broken a heart bleeding with amounts of pain; hoping to get rid of the unsolved mess. (no im not emo: ]) I just write out things that come from my heart. I hope when you read them, you will like it.

Alecia Nak's Works:

N\A Updates

My Feelings For Him

Sitting on top of the cold wet sand
I picked deeper for more, I dug deeper inside my own thoughts for answers
your heartbeat that plays uncontrollably;
I wonder why your heartbeat brings me to life
sometimes the beach gives me the solution to why; to all the whys'
sometimes I figure out why I'm so dumb
sometimes the cold breeze shakes me hard; hard enough for
me to realize how much I've been suffering
sometimes when I see him I want to avoid him

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